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We do not sell horses. These are our trusted mounts for trail riding. We have access to lots of trails that we enjoy on horse back or on four wheelers.                                

 This is Sampson. This beautiful buckskin belongs to my husband. He is an all around great horse and is much loved here.

 Meet Thunder. He is a little chocolate Palomino that once belonged to my grandfather. We are honored to have him here with us.


This is my girl, Sadie. Her foal is ten days old and doing wonderully. We have begun her ground work and she is learning how to lead (walk on a leash) and stand for us while we work on her feet, brush her and take a look at those teeth that are already starting to appear! Although I experienced foals on the farm as a kid this is the first foal for my husband and children. They are loving it!

Sampson giving Sadie kisses over the fence and wishing she could come out and play. We are not allowing her and the foal in the back pasture yet.

  Here she is 15 minutes old and trying to take her first steps. Poor Sadie was so tired she laid back down. We were so fortunate to have been able to be with her during the birth and I thank one of our Great Danes who just insisted I get out of bed!

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