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I've had a lot of people call me lately that have been scammed. Here are some top things to look for.

1. If you cant talk to them on the phone, run.

2. If you cant visit the puppy run. If they are out of state tell them you have a friend or family member nearby and you want them to go pick out your puppy for you. Scammers do not have pups to show. Even right now during social distancing I'm allowing them on back porch. I give them hand sanitizer. I carry a pup out give them a couple of minutes and they have to go! LOL

3. Shipping runs about 450.00. I see pups advertised for 350 including shipping. Not possible. That's a scam.

4. Give deposits in cash if in person or via paypal. Do not use paypal if they insist you send it as friends and family. You cannot dispute it if you send it via friends and family. You have 30 days to dispute otherwise.

5. Google earth them. If they claim to be on a farm and you get a picture of the ghetto, well, run.

6. Ask for their address. See if name on internet matches the address.

7. If you are finding them on a site online look and see how long they have been a member. Years or day?

That's just the jist of it. Scammers are running hot right now and come up with new tricks all the time. 

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